Data Engineering Services

We help clients unlock data driven critical business insights to improve customer experience, business trends and profitability. We bring subject matter expertise to leverage your data and the latest technologies to maximize your investment.

Data Engineering

We bring to bear years of experience in building pipelines, integration to variety of data sources, data cleansing and exposing the data on a flexible web-services framework.

Data audit

Expertise in data profiling using Talend, Apache Griffin and many other tools to measure quality and profitability of data.


Years of experience in deriving predictive and prescriptive analytics from the sales & marketing data by using data points from Salesforce, Redshift, KeyedIn, Google Analytics and many more.

Some of our case studies

Data analytics and scaling

Our client, the biggest independent native advertising platform, enhanced performance with Snowflake by a factor of 100 above prior levels. lowered the number of technologies in the analytics stack from 14 to 4.

AWS CICD Pipeline

Developed complete AWS Infrastructure design & architecture with native AWS pipeline solution.

All AWS native components were used to reduce complexity and delay.

Azure - Application Modernization

Created Azure design and architecture to lift the application that was modified to use Managed SQL and other PaaS services.

Huge CAPEX got converted into OPEX based on customer consumption. Truly elastic environment and geographical redundancy.

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